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Apps for Philips hue

Important note: The following apps work only in combination with a Philips hue system.

Lamp selection

Each hue app has the possibility to select which lamps in your hue system to be used.
See also Lamp selection

hue Games

hue Match

hue Memo



hue Drops

hue Loops

Other apps

Rank Severityhires_icon

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Rank the severity of user complaints.
Judge the complaint from different viewpoints.
The scores from these viewpoints are weighted.
All scores are combined to come to a final judgement.

hue MatchHiRes icon

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Memory game in combination with Philips hue lamps.
Match resembling colors to solve the game.
Looks very easy but is not! The hue Match app controls 1 to 3 lamps connected to your hue system.
Different levels available reaching from clearly different colors to very pale and resembling colors.
Fun to do alone or in groups.


hue NamesHiResIcon

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Train yourself in recognizing colors!
The Philips hue system shows you a color for a short time.
You press the button with the right color name on it.
If you succeeded to guess all 8 names you are promoted to the next level: again 8 names but now a little more unknown ones.